Radio Work

Hong Kong’s housing market forces tens of thousands into tiny homes

Wealth in Sarawak’s forest unevenly divided  - starts at 38’46

No room for the living or the dead in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Shark fin trade - starts at 8’40

Single ladies in Asia - starts at 18’30

UK looking to Singapore’s O Levels - starts at 35’44

Borneo: the last frontier for Malaysian palm oil - starts at 35’46

Malaysia’s bird spit industry

Malaysian Muslim transsexuals fights Islamic authorities - starts at 10’06

BBC Documentary: English in the East – Part 1 - The decline of English in the former British colonies of Malaysia and Singapore (click here to download the 25 mins doc)

BBC Documentary: English in the East – Part 2 - Why young Vietnamese are embracing English – the language of a defeated enemy (click here to download the 25 mins doc)

Malaysia’s lack of mobile phone etiquette - starts 13’13 or click here

Why many gays are closeted in Malaysia

Asia to drive growth in global aviation - starts at 7’00

Ice hockey melts hearts in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s first gay-themed film preview - CBC Sound of the Day – click on “Listen to Part 2″  and scroll to 19’10

Malaysia’s sex education

Malaysia opens country’s first “baby hatch” for abandoned babies - starts at 14’03 or click  here to play in a new window

Malaysia’s TV search for an imam that appeals to the youth - starts at 48’36 or click here to play in a new window

Malaysia’s first gay-themed film -  starts around 34’16 or click here to play in a new window

Malaysia struggles for harmony as tensions bubble

Rise of social networking amongst Malaysia’s politicians

China’s homocidal net-addict bootcamps

Human Flesh Search Engine - China’s digital vigilantes