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China’s ban on using prisoners’ organs – starts at 11’03

Shenzhen’s counterfeits: forgery or art? – starts at 17’36

Persecuted Rohingya face a refugee hierarchy in Muslim Malaysia – starts at 17’48 (shortened version from documentary)

Floating without Hope – Are Rohingya Muslims treated better in Malaysia because they worship the same god as the majority? (BBC World Documentary)

Can palm oil be sustainable?

Rhino matchmaking: the most eligible bachelor in the Malaysian jungle – starts 48’25

Did Malaysia’s PM pocket public funds?

Malaysia floods: Families lean on each other to survive

MH370 families six months on

The forbidden word for god: A documentary on the fight between Malaysian Muslims, Christians and Sikhs over the word Allah

Malaysia-China relations after the hunt for missing MH370 airliner

Why Malaysians openly talk about their bodily functions

Malaysia’s obsession with royal “Datuk” titles

Hong Kong’s housing market forces tens of thousands into tiny homes

Wealth in Sarawak’s forest unevenly divided  – starts at 38’46

No room for the living or the dead in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Shark fin trade – starts at 8’40

Single ladies in Asia – starts at 18’30

UK looking to Singapore’s O Levels – starts at 35’44

Borneo: the last frontier for Malaysian palm oil – starts at 35’46

Malaysia’s bird spit industry

Malaysian Muslim transsexuals fights Islamic authorities – starts at 10’06

BBC Documentary: English in the East – Part 1 – The decline of English in the former British colonies of Malaysia and Singapore (click here to download the 25 mins doc)

BBC Documentary: English in the East – Part 2 – Why young Vietnamese are embracing English – the language of a defeated enemy (click here to download the 25 mins doc)

Malaysia’s lack of mobile phone etiquette – starts 13’13 or click here

Why many gays are closeted in Malaysia

Asia to drive growth in global aviation – starts at 7’00

Ice hockey melts hearts in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s sex education

Malaysia opens country’s first “baby hatch” for abandoned babies – starts at 14’03 or click  here to play in a new window

Malaysia’s TV search for an imam that appeals to the youth – starts at 48’36 or click here to play in a new window

Malaysia’s first gay-themed film –  starts around 34’16 or click here to play in a new window

Malaysia struggles for harmony as tensions bubble

Rise of social networking amongst Malaysia’s politicians